Ocean bottom tiltmeter (OBT)

An ocean bottom tiltmeter measures the tilt of the sea floor with high resolution sensors. The tiltmeter used at the IFM-GEOMAR is convenient for autonomous observation of sea floor tilt at depths down to 6000 meters and more. The deep sea instrument remains in the deep sea up to one year and can therefore record the tilt of the seafloor during a long period. The measurement range is within radiuses of nano. The recorded data is saved in the instrument and can be read and processed after the end of the measurement period and recovering of the instrument.

The instrument is equipped with a rear weight and a buoy. For installation at the sea floor the instrument is deployed from board the ship. With the rear weight first the tiltmeter lands on the sea floor. After measurement the rear weight is released so that the buoy can carry the instrument to the surface to be recovered.