Geophysical Studies near the Ascension Transform: Evolution of Ridge Segmentation and Crustal Structure

Duration: 23.06.2004-31.12.2007
Sponsored by: DFG
Proponents: Timothy Reston, Jörg Bialas
Topic: Ridge Segmentation and Crustal Structure

During Meteor Cruise M62/4, we collected geophysical data in the segments between the Ascension fracture zones and in the segments immediately to the south. The purpose of the project was to investigate the changing crustal structure associated with the segmentation of a slow-spreading ridge. 

Tools included ocean bottom seismometers and hydrophones deployed for both active (wide-angle seismic using an airgun array) and passive (microseismicity) experiments, a deep-tow seismic streamer used to image the fine structure of magmatic crust, a magnetometer and gravimeter (in collaboration with UK scientists) and bathymetric mapping.

The analysis of the data has started and will continue for the next three years.