Prof. Dr. Rainer Kiko

Group leader Plankton Biogeochemistry and Dynamics

Heisenberg Professor and Make Our Planet Great Again Laureat


Research Unit 2: Marine Biogeochemistry


E-Mail: rkiko(at)

Address: Prof. Dr. Rainer Kiko, Wischhofstr. 1-3, 24148 Kiel, Deutschland


Group members

Dr. Joelle Habib (Postdoc at the Laboratoire d'Océanographie de Villefranche)

Dr. Xiangyu Weng (Machine Vision)

Simon-Martin Schröder (Computer scientist)

Claudeilton "Claus" Santana (PhD student)



Research topics

Global change impacts the distribution and activity of marine life at local to basin-wide scales, with major consequences for oceanic oxygen dynamics, nutrient cycles and the transfer of carbon dioxid from the atmosphere to the deep sea. I use augmented image observations that integrate autonomous camera and environmental sensor systems with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence solutions and ecophysiological approaches to yield a novel image of zooplankton and detrital particle (Z&P) dynamics in a changing ocean. Zooplankton organisms play an essential role in these processes as they feed on all kinds of particulate matter, respire oxygen and release faecal matter. Detrital particles (e.g. faeces and decaying phytoplankton aggregates) passively sink through the water column and represent a major export vector of carbon from the sunlit surface ocean to the deep sea. Most of this so-called „marine snowfall” is consumed by microbes and specialised zooplankton, resulting in the attenuation of passive flux with depth. Diel vertical migrations of zooplankton and nekton from the epipelagic at 0 – 200 m depth to the mesopelagic at 200 – 1000 m depth induce an active net downward transport of carbon as zooplankton feed at the surface at nighttime and migrate to depth at daytime, where they continue to respire, excrete and generate faecal pellets. These processes take place in a very dynamic and changing physical environment, requiring the mentioned augmented observation tools to observe them. Building the capacities of the next generation of students to apply these tools for improved monitoring, protection and management of marine resources is another aspect of my work.


Imaging Marine life in an Ocean of Change (IOChange) (gefördert durch das Heisenberg Programm der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft)


Tropical Atlantic Deoxygenation: gateway dynamics, feedback mechanisms and ecosystem impacts (Make Our Planet Great Again project at the Laboratoire d'Oceanographie de Villefranche-sur-mer, France)


I/ITAPINA - Imagine Imaging the Atlantic - A pelagic imaging network approach


The role of zooplankton in N-, P- and C- cycling and for the oxygen budget of tropical OMZs


Combining deep learning, in situ imaging and citizen science to resolve the distribution of giant protists in major upwelling regions


Zooplankton and Nekton: Gatekeepers of the Biological Pump (Frontiers Research Topic)


Zooplankton and Nekton: Gatekeepers of the Biological Pump - Volume 2 (Frontiers Research Topic)



ZoOMin at TENATSO: “Zooplankton of the Oxygen Minimum Zone at the Tropical Eastern Atlantic Time-Series Observatory” 


CUSCO - Coastal Upwelling System in a Changing Ocean: Work Package 5: Particle size distribution, export fluxes and zooplankton-particle interactions


MicroZooImager: An integrated optical system for microzooplankton analysis



Publications in review

8) Richards C, et al (submitted to PNAS) Global environmental challenges require interdisciplinary science programs: Lessons learned from the Franco-German MOPGA initiative.

7) Dugenne M, Corrales-Ugalde M, Luo J, Stemmann L, Irisson J-O, Lombard F, O’Brien T, Stock C, Kiko R (preprint) Key link between iron and the size structure of three main mesoplanktonic groups (Crustaceans, Rhizarians, and colonial N2-fixers) in the Global Ocean. in preparation for submission.

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Peer reviewed articles (accepted or published):

75) Shreya Mehta, Rainer Kiko, Helena Hauss, Narendra Ojha, Arvind Singh (accepted, Global Biogeochemical Cycles) Dust deposition and phosphate influx create zonal and meridional biogeochemical gradient in the Trichodesmium abundance.

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