If no other information is provided, the seminars are scheduled at 10 AM every last Friday of the month in the lecture hall, east shore campus.



December 9, 2022: online FB4-Seminar

Mia Schumacher: "Ghostnet Busters - automatic detection of lost fishing gear on sonar data"


December 2, 2022: online FB4-Seminar

Michael Riedel: "SO294"


November 25, 2022: online FB4-Seminar

Karsten Haase, GeoZentrum Nordbayern: "Magmatic evolution and hydrothermal processes in the migrating Aegean arc“


November 18, 2022: online FB4-Seminar

Marc-Andre Gutscher: "Detecting strain with a fiber optic cable on the seafloor, offshore Catania, Sicily: first results from the FOCUS project"


November 11, 2022: online FB4-Seminar

Frauke Klingelhöfer: "First results from the deep seismic Manta-Ray cruise in the Lesser Antilles subduction zone"


October 28, 2022: online FB4-Seminar

Stephan Homrighausen: " 85 Ma volcanism on the Chatham Islands, New Zealand - Field trip and preliminary results"


September 30, 2022: FB4-Seminar

Morelia Urlaub: "Slow slip, stick slip, continuous slip - the spectrum of flank movements recorded by the Etna GeoSEA array"


September 23, 2022: online FB4-Seminar

Thore Sager: "Development and Emplacement of Ana Slide, Eivissa Channel, Western Mediterranean Sea"


September 9, 2022: online FB4-Seminar

Gareth Crutchley: "It’s the fault’s fault! – How fault zone step-overs might influence volcanism in the Aegean Sea"


June 24, 2022: online FB4-Seminar

Morgane Le Saout: "The volcanology of V-shaped ridge formation on the Reykjanes Ridge"