Coral Adapation to Extremes

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Tropical and Deep(Cold)-Water Corals


Dr. Marlene Wall (group leader) - Working on coral ecophysiology, ecology, acclimation and phenotypic plasticity in both tropical and cold-water corals.

MSc Merlin Weichler (research assistant) - Trophic position and shifts in tropical corals due to deep-water energy subsidies; Ecological consequences: What are the ecological ramification of thermal refugia by internal waves? Can they help to maintain coral biodiversity? GEOMAR

Dr. Anna Berezkina (PostDoc) - Antibiotica resistant bacteria in cold-water corals; Coral-associated microbiota as indicator of shifts in cold-water coral fitness near Chilean salmon farms. Alfred-Wegener Institute

BSc Lukas Krause (master student) - Heat-stress tolerance in tropical corals; Small-scale contrasting heat stress tolerance patterns of the coral Pocillopora acuta around Phuket island, Thailand. Christian Albrechts University

BSc Juhyeon Kim (master student) - Symbiont composition along natural environmental gradients and its link to heat tolerance, Diversity and Adaptability of coral symbionts in the ubiquitous coral Pocillopora acuta in Response to Host and Environmental Factors around Phuket Island, Thailand. University of Bremen

Patrick Deprie (bachelor student) - Physiological responses of tropical corals to heat stress and its skeletal manifestations. Christian Albrechts University

Mailin Suchantke (bachelor student) - Shifts in culture dependent bacterial communities associated with cold-water corals near and far from salmon farm activity and their resistance to antibiotics. Christian Albrechts University

Former Members

Dr. Kristina Beck (PhD) - University of Edinburgh (PostDoc)

Anna Fiesinger (MSc) - University of Konstanz (PhD)

Andrea L Schmidt (MSc) - NOAA Fisheries (Research Associate)

Carina Krämer (BSc) - University of Bremen (MSc)

Antonia Kayser (BSc) - University of Oldenburg (MSc)

Marie Rutsch (MSc) - University of Vienna (PhD)

Marie Sieberns (MSc) - Spitzbergen UNIS 

Anjleen Hannak (BSc) - University of Bremen (MSc)

Conrad Vanessa (MSc) - Botanika GmbH

Laura Niewendick (MSc) - GIZ Deutsche Gesellschaft für International Zusammenarbeit

Manding Suraweh (MSc) - GIZ Deutsche Gesellschaft für International Zusammenarbeit

Mildred Johnson (MSc) - University of Vienna (PhD)