23.11.2020: Online Ocean Circulation and Climate Dynamics Colloquium

Sara Berglund M.Sc., Department of Meteorology (MISU), Stockholm University, stockholm (Sweden): "Tracing the water-mass transformation from the Drake Passage to the tropics"


online 11 am
Webex meeting room: https://geomar.webex.com/geomar/j.php?MTID=m52e05c87f5b4681a244c8d31780ed7bb
Meeting number: 174 877 7844
Password: PsH9d37YUuM

The water mass transformation in the Southern Ocean plays a crucial role for the global overturning circulation. In this study, the northward flowing water masses from the Drake Passage to the tropics have been studied using Lagrangian trajectories. The water masses increase in temperature and salinity along these pathways. Previous studies have speculated that these changes are mainly due to air-sea interactions. However, we show that internal mixing plays a crucial role. Further, we reveal five distinct pathways from the Drake Passage to the tropics, and show where the waters are changing their properties.


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