The expedition POS519 leads the researchers with the German research vessel POSEIDON from Las Palmas (Spain) to the coast of Mauritania. Photo: Jan Steffen/GEOMAR

Open Science on the open Ocean

19 January 2018 / Kiel. Which mechanisms control the exchange of climate-relevant gases between the ocean and the atmosphere? How does biology influence this exchange? In the next three weeks, a research team from GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel will address some of these questions d...

Experts on jellyfish from 15 scientific institutions and companies from all over Europe met in Madeira. Photo: GoJelly

GoJelly project officially kicks off!

12 January 2018/Funchal, Kiel. While the number of fish in our oceans continues to decrease, changing environmental conditions seem to favor jellyfish. They occur more often in large blooms. So far, they are considered annoying, if not dangerous. The project GoJelly, which is coordinated at the GEOM...

White methane hydrate layers traverse the sediments. Photo: MARUM - Zentrum für Marine Umweltwissenschaften, Universität Bremen; G. Bohrmann

Methane hydrate dissociation off Spitsbergen not caused by climate change

8 January 2018 / Kiel / Bremen. For years, methane emissions from the seabed have been observed in the Arctic Ocean off Spitsbergen. The assumption that the warming of seawater by climate change is responsible for the release of methane, has not been confirmed. Re-search from an international team s...

The habitat formed by manganese nodules is home to specific sessile and mobile fauna. Photo: ROV-Team, GEOMAR (CC BY 4.0)

Deep-sea mining: serious consequences for the marine ecosystem

5 January 2018 / Kiel / Bremen. Due to the increasing globalization and the extensive use of high-tec materials, the demand for rare metals has increased substantially. Thus, for many countries the search for ore deposits from the deep sea is becoming increasingly important. For example, the number ...



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Measuring Point Institute

Air temperature: 1,6°C
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Wind direction: 166°, SSE
Wind speed: 2,35 m/s

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