Dr. Abed El Rahman Hassoun

Research Division 1: Ocean Circulation and Climate Dynamics
FE Physical Oceanography

Room 3.401
Office: +494316001504
Mobile: +491723868950
Email: ahassoun(at)geomar.de 

GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
Wichhofstrasse 1-3
D-24148 Kiel, Germany


  • Researching and analysing the motivations of European countries in ocean observations in the context of the ObsSea4Clim project.
  • Worked on quality-control of Baltic Sea data in the context of the Sailing for Oxygen project.
  • Identified gaps in the EU Ocean Observing & Forecasting System, provided actionable recommendations, and developed a scoring approach in the context of the EuroSea project.
  • Identified gaps in standards and best practices related to GOOS EOVs for a CINEA tender entitled "Study for Reporting Obligations for Ocean Observation".

Personal Information

  • Born: January 01, 1988
  • Born in: Tripoli, Lebanon
  • Citizenship: Lebanese


  • 2014, Ph.D. in Oceanology, in co-direction between the University of Perpignan Via Domitia, IMAGES laboratory, Perpignan, France and the National Council for Scientific Research in Lebanon, National Centre for Marine Sciences, Lebanon. Thesis entitled: Analysis and Modeling of the Acidification in the Mediterranean Sea
  • 2010, Master in "Management and Conservation of Natural Resources"/Biodiversity (M2), Lebanese University / Faculty of sciences, Lebanon. Title of Master thesis: the effects of the organic pollution on the phytoplankton populations in the middle part of the Lebanese coast, during the spring period.
  • 2009, Master in Earth and Life Sciences/Biodiversity and Environment (M1), Lebanese University / Faculty of sciences, Lebanon.
  • 2005-2008, Bachelor of Earth and Life Sciences, Lebanese University / Faculty of sciences, Lebanon.


Research interests

  • Ocean acidification (OA) and ocean carbon cycle.
  • Effects of climate change consequences on marine organisms, particularly on Phytoplankton.
  • Monitoring of coastal environmental conditions in the context of both climate change and OA, particularly in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Harmful algal blooms (HABs) and their biotoxins.
  • Ocean observing sustainability
  • Ocean literacy and outreach.

Career, Employment

Membership & Expert activities

  • 2021-Present: Co-champion in the OARS (Ocean Acidification Research for Sustainability) Ocean Decade Programme, Outcome 6 “Increase public awareness of ocean acidification, its sources and impacts, achieved via ocean literacy and public outreach”.
  • 2019-Present: Chair of the Ocean Acidification Mediterranean Hub (OA Med-Hub), a UN voluntary commitment and a GOA-ON regional hub.
  • 2019-Present: Scientific member in the GOA-ON Executive Council.
  • 2022-Present: Member in the EuroSea Gender and Diversity Board.
  • 2019-Present: Member of the Ocean Acidification Information Exchange steering committee.
  • 2019-Present: Member in the network of Mediterranean Experts on Climate and environmental Change (MedECC).
  • 2018-Present: Member in the NF-POGO (Nippon Foundation and Partnership for Observation of the Global Ocean) Alumni Network for Oceans (NANO). 
  • 2019 and 2020: Jury member for the Mediterranean Climate Change Adaptation Awards: www.medadapt-awards.com/en/home/
  • 2020: Jury member for Ocean Acidification Information Exchange (OAIE) microgrants: www.oainfoexchange.org 

Grants and Awards

  • 2021: North-South Prize 2020 from the Council of Europe in Lisbon, Portugal for the MedECC report (CLA of one MAR1 chapters: Ecosystems).
  • 2019: Grant from the Ocean Foundation to attend the 4th Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network (GOA-ON) International Workshop, in Hangzhou, China.
  • 2018: POGO fellowship for Ship-board Training on MSM72.
  • 2017: Grant from the IAEA to attend the 10th International Carbon Dioxide Conference in Interlaken, Switzerland.
  • 2016: Grant from the IAEA to attend the 3rd Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network Science Workshop, in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.
  • 2016: Grant from the IAEA to attend the Mares Conference, Marine Ecosystems Health and Conservation, in Olhão, Portugal.
  • 2014: Grant from the European Space Agency to attend the ESA conference in ESRIN, Frascati, Italy
  • 2013: Grant from the IAEA to attend the 6th international SOLAS summer school in Xiamen University, China
  • 2013: Grant from GreenSeas to attend a summer school in Cape Town, South Africa
  • 2011: Doctoral scholarship by the National Council for Scientific Research-Lebanon


Full list of publications in the CV