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Tools ROV KIEL 6000


The following tools are generally available to all users of ROV KIEL 6000:

Permanently mounted:

  • CTD FastCAT SBE 49 (Seabird)
  • Manipulators Orion and Rigmaster
  • Open Drawer Box, individually compartmentable, hydraulically driven
  • Sample Tray, hydraulically driven, individually fittable with additional tools
  • Forward Looking Sonar MS 1000 (Kongsberg)

Optional (available on request)

  • Handnets with cutting edge; mesh sizes 500 µm and 1000 µm; in addition, heat-resistant nets (mesh size 2000 µm) are available
  • Pushcores (in open drawer box or in mobile "six-packs")
  • Slurp Gun (suction sampler) with 8 separate sampling containers
  • Larvae / Plankton sampler
  • Niskin-Bottles (5 litres each)
  • Chain Saw
  • Biobarrels (with sealing lid) and further boxes with and without lids
  • Chisel
  • Recovery Hook (for attaching and recovering e.g. landers and/or their weights)
  • Cutting scissor blade as well as simple knife
  • Homer beacons (for localisation of deployed instruments)
  • Ocean Elevator (available only on request with Dr Peter Linke ); serves for transport of additional tools, instruments and samples to enhance the ROVs capacities

Additional instruments and tools have been used and deployed, but are only available on special request.


In case of more detailed questions please contact Dr Fritz Abegg  or Dr Inken Suck.
Photos (unless otherwise noted): ROV Team GEOMAR; for enquiries on utilisation of image material please contact Public Relations Dept GEOMAR or Dr. Friedrich Abegg.





    Scientific Head 

    Dr. Friedrich Abegg
    GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
    Wischhofstr. 1-3
    D-24148 Kiel
    Technology & Logistics Centre
    Tel.: 0049 431 600-2134
    Fax: 0049 431 600-2680
    E-mail: fabegg(at)   

    Technical Head

    Martin Pieper (Dipl. Ing.)
    Technology & Logistics Centre
    Tel.: 0049 431 600-1688
    Fax: 0049 431 600-2680
    E-mail: mpieper(at) 

    Scientific Advisor

    Prof. Dr.Colin Devey
    FB4: Dynamics of the Ocean Floor
    Tel.: 0049 431 600-2257
    Fax: 0049 431 600-2924
    E-mail: cdevey(at)