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Expedition 64PE475 : IceAGE_KR - Hydothermal Vent Fields North of Iceland

Chief Scientist: Dr. Sabine Gollner, NIOZ, NL

Expedition 64PE475 took place between 1st and 15th of July, 2021  at the Kolbeinsey, Grimsey and Strytan vent fields North of Iceland.

Objectives of the cruise were to collect samples to study (1) the ecological connectivity at vent field scale including distribution of vent faunae and their adaptations to extreme environmental conditions, (2) the role of archaeal symbionts on host evolution and ecology, as well as nutrient cycling and (3) paleoenvironmental records.

ROV PHOCA was used to take pictures/videos from vent fields, to sample rocks and sediments with associated microbial and faunal communitie, to deploy and recover faunal settlement substrates and to deploy and recover hydrophones at and near hydrothermal vents.

During 64PE475, 13 scientific dives in water depths between 75 and 415 m were conducted.

Images (unless otherwise noted) : ROV-Team GEOMAR; for enquiries on utilisation of image material please contact Public Relations Dept GEOMAR or Dr. Friedrich Abegg .


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