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Launch & Recovery System

ROV PHOCA has a maximum diving depth of 3000 m and was acquired to be deployed off small and medium sized research vessels. As such vessels have a smaller load capacity than large ones, a medium-sized winch (s. photo on right) was aqciured which can be installed on these vessels due to its weight of only 10 tons. The maximum diving depth when using this winch is 2300 m.

More details on this winch can be found here.


In addition to this medium-sized winch, a deep sea winch is part of the GEOMAR ROV systems (see photo on the right). The winch allow diving dephts of up to 6000 m and is mainly used for the deployment of ROV KIEL 6000.

More details on the deep sea winch can be found here.








For working areas in shallow water (maximum 350 m water depth) a tether winch was aqcired which in operation functions as a capstain. The tether winch carries a tether cabel with a length of 500 m.

All winches are compatibel due to the cable on them which may be used by both ROV KIEL 6000 and ROV PHOCA. Only the tether differs in its diameter as it is covered by a positively buoyant Aramid mantle, in contrast to a 3-layer wire mantle .

  • Scientific Head

    Dr. Friedrich Abegg
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    Martin Pieper (Dipl. Ing.)
    Technology & Logistics Centre
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    Scientific Advisor

    Dr. Peter Linke
    Technik- & Logistikzentrum
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