Happy World Seagras Day 2024

A barrier-free version of this video with english captions can be viewed at the GEOMAR YouTube channel.

"Healthy Seagrass, Healthy Planet" - In 2022, the United Nations has declared 1 March as World Seagrass Day to draw attention to the need for measures to preserve and restore seagrass ecosystems.

Researchers at GEOMAR are taking this day as an opportunity to start a new experiment in the Kiel Fjord: In order to accelerate the natural spread of seagrass through renaturation, they are testing two different methods of spreading seagrass seeds.

Method 1: As in a grain field on land, they make a furrow in the seabed, scatter the seeds in it and close the furrow again.

Method 2: Using a syringe, they inject the seeds in a carrier medium directly into the seabed.

And of course, on World Seagrass Day, good wishes for Kiel's seagrass are also a must.

Video: Sarah Uphoff, GEOMAR