Sediment Sampling

The Research Unit Paleoceanography runs different devices, which are lowered by cable to the ocean floor and allow to recover sediment samples: Multicorer (MUC), Box Corer (GKG), Gracity Corer (GC), Piston Corer (PC), and Kastencorer (KAL).

Technician in charge:

Florian Evers

phone: +49 (0)431 600 1656

email: fevers(at)

Piston Corer (PC)

The Research Unit Paleoceanography owns the piston corer of "Kawohl Marinetechnik": max. core length: 25 m; max. weight: 2.8 t. The piston corer is stored in a 20´ container including all consumalbles, working tools etc.

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Large Box Corer (GKG)

The large Box Corer (GKG) is used to recover an undestroyed sediment surface sample (50 x 50 cm) from the ocean floor. In addition, an up to 50 cm long sediment column is available. The advantage of the GKG is the large amount of sediment, which can be recovered.

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Multicorer (MUC)

The Multicorer (MUC) pushes up to twelve, 50 cm long and 8-10 cm broad plastic liner into the sediment to recover undestroyed sediment surface samples and sediment columns. It even allows to sample bottom water from above the ocean floor.

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