Stable Isotope Laboratory

Short Info:  The stable isotope laboratory determines the isotope ratios 13C/12C and 18O/16O of calcareous microfossil shells (foraminifera, ostracods), pulverized bivalve and coral samples as well as limestones (calcite, dolomite). By adding concentrated phosphoric acid to very small amounts (at least 25 µg, usually 50 - 100 µg) of sample material carbondioxide is released and analysed under vacuum-conditions for its isotopic composition by means of magnetic sector mass spectrometry. The data gained will be used at GEOMAR to assess the age of the material, to reconstruct the Earth's climate and past ocean circulation.


Analytics and devices

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Head of laboratory: Prof. Dr. Dirk Nürnberg
email: dnuernberg(at), phone: +49 (0)431 600 2313

Technician: Sebastian Fessler
email: sfessler(at), phone: +49 (0)431 600 2217