Marine Electromagnetic Methods

Marine electromagnetic methods are used to probe the electrical resistivity of the seafloor.

The electrical resistivity of rocks depends on the presence and type of pore fluid (sediments), temperature and partial melt fraction  (mantle) and amount of conductive SMS minerals (ore deposits).

Thus, electromagnetic investigations have a large variety of applications. Within our electromagnetic work we have developed various experimental setups to investigate:

Offshore groundwater exploration

Seafloor hydrothermal circulation and ore deposits

Methane hydrate quantification

Joint inversion


CSEM Modelling and Optimization

Within Geomar we develop our own marine seafloor instrumentation which we adapt to the application at hand and also develop modelling  algorithm. The instrumentations have been used on a variety of EM cruises all over the world in a variety of national and international projects.

The marine EM group at Geomar has been established in 2006 and is led by M. Jegen and S. Hölz.