The JEOL JXA 8200 electron microprobe (EMP) consists of fully hardware- and software-intregrated wavelength dispersive (WD) and energy dispersive (ED) analysers. The instrument thus seamlessly combines major features of a scanning electron microscope (SEM) and a state-of the-art high-resolution electron microprobe comprising high-intensity crystal spectrometers.

X-ray microanalysis using EMP is an important analytical technique for geo- and bio-sciences, due to its ability to determine quantitative chemical compositions of objects as small as 2 to 5 micrometers (µm). In addition to point- and linescan analysis, quantitative or semi-quantitative element distribution patterns (multi-element maps) with a possible resolution exceeding 1 Megapixels (1 million analytical points) can be produced using combinations of WD and ED spectrometers, and can further be combined with secondary and backscattered electron images. Quantitative chemical analyses and element maps are performed on finely polished surfaces.



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