MIMOC (Monthly Isopycnal / Mixed-layer Ocean Climatology)


MIMOC (Monthly Isopycnal / Mixed-layer Ocean Climatology) is a trio of global monthly ocean property maps from 80°S to 90°N at 0.5° lateral resolution, all available for download. Products include mixed layer and select interior ocean isopycnal maps. These maps are combined into a third set of maps on 81 standard pressure levels from the surface (0 dbar) to 1950 dbar (approximately 1925 m).

The maps are based mostly on Argo CTD data, supplemented by shipboard and Ice-Tethered Profiler CTD data. The maps mostly reflect the modern ocean state, although they relax back to historic data from as early as the 1970s when no recent data are available for a region or season. The supported data format is netCDF and additional geotiff images for the mixed-layer (for use in e.g. ESRI-ArcGIS). Please contact us if you have problems reading these data files and would like to request a different format. We anticipate updating MIMOC to include pressures exceeding 1950 dbar, improving error estimates, and so on, in the future.

MIMOC is available here: www.pmel.noaa.gov/mimoc/