Expedition SO 276 with RV SONNE: IceAge 3

Chief Scientist: Dr. Saskia Brix-Elsig, Senckenberg/DZMB, Hamburg

Expedition SO276 onbard RV SONNE took place between the 22nd of June and th 25th of July, 2020 and led us to the northern Atlantic. Working areas included the Norwegian Bais, the Aegir Ridge, coldwater coral reefs south-east of Iceland, the Reykjanes Ridge and the Porcupine Abyssal Plain.

Objectives of the expedition were the assessment and documentation of the fauna of the respective areas, in the water column (CTD, plankton net) as well as the bottom living in- and epifauna (MUC, EBS, ROV).

ROV KIEL 6000 was mainly used for mapping of the megafauna and for selective sampling of target organisms.

Highlight of the expedition was the discovery of the IceAge hydrothermal vent field, which was presumed to exist after AUV Abyss (GEOMAR) had measued typical eh-signals in 2018.

We conducted 12 scientific dives in water depth between 200 and 4500m.

Publications to which ROV KIEL 6000 contributed.
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