Data, Analysis & Data Science

Ocean and climate model simulations use high performance computers (HPC) at full capacity to produce datasets that are among the biggest in the whole scientific world. Data of these sizes of up to several hundreds of terabytes per single model simulation are not only very difficult to move, track or version control, but also come with enormous resource demands for scientific data analysis.

To be able to do meaningful science with such large data volumes, we develop and apply tools and methodology for big-data analysis on large distributed systems, and design and build platforms for data analysis on in-house servers, on HPC, and in the cloud. Developing open-source tools for big-data analysis in a community effort spanning multiple labs across the globe, we have built considerable expertise in software engineering and software development project management.

By regularly providing training on methods and tooling for big-data analysis, on software engineering, and on big-data management, we actively help members of GEOMAR and the wider scientific community in building and maintaining high methodological standards.

Scientists of the research unit Ocean Dynamics are engaged in the following projects

  • Helmholtz School for Marine Data Science (MarDATA): defining and educating “marine data scientists” 
  • ExaESM WP4: Interactive analysis on HPC systems
  • ESM Virtual Field Campaigns: Developing processing tools and platforms for analysing ocean-model data in observational contexts

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Digital Science

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