RV ALKOR awaits many visitors during Open Ship on 22 June. Photo: Sarah Kaehlert/GEOMAR

From the Baltic sea to the South sea

Kiel marine sciences present global research at the Kiel Week

Mussels of the species Perna perna originally live in Europe, Africa and South America, but have invaded North American waters. As part of the global GAME experiment, they were examined in Brazil Photo: Felipe Ribeiro

Travel Stress can Train Bioinvaders

International study identifies a new potential driver of invasion success in marine species

Numerous factors - including the sea surface temperature, currents, edddies, biogeochemical processes - influence the oxygen content of the oceans. So far, models do not represent all processes correctly and therefore underestimate the oxygen loss of the oceans. Graphic: Rita Erven/GEOMAR

Further Drivers of Ocean Deoxygenation identified

GEOMAR oceanographers reveal gaps in previous model calculations

[Translate to English:] GEOMAR-Direktor Professor Peter Herzig (re.) mit Dr. José da Silva Gonçalves im GEOMAR-Technik- und Logistikzentrum. Foto: Jan Steffen/GEOMAR

Minister of Maritime Economy of the Republic of Cape Verde visits GEOMAR

Dr. José da Silva Gonçalves learns about latest maritime technologies

Participants of the summe school on the island of Fogo. Photo: Aali Masoud.

Life on the volcano

Two-week HOSST-TOSST Cabo Verde Summer School 2018 ends with project presentations

Participants of the Baltic-Gender midterm meeting. Photo: Basak Kisakurek Ibsen/GEOMAR

Baltic Gender leads the way for gender equality

EU project coordinated by GEOMAR holds midterm meeting in Tallinn

Anya M. Waite giving a talk as part of the Marie-Tharp Lecture Series. Fhoto: Jan Steffen/GEOMAR

How does physical-biogeochemical coupling influence nitrogen cycling in the Arctic?

Prof. Dr. Anya M. Waite gives Marie-Tharp lecture at GEOMAR

Participants of the MagellanPlus workshop. Photo: Jan Steffen/GEOMAR

Understanding the break-up of the Atlantic

MagellanPlus Workshop at GEOMAR starts preparations for new IODP drilling proposals

Mnemiopsis leidyi. Photo: Cornelia Jaspers/GEOMAR, DTU Aqua

Currents propel the spreading of invasive jellyfish

Scientists present first comprehensive inventory of Mnemiopsis leidyi in Europe

Area of investigation at the Cayman Trough in the Caribbean. Graphics. Ingo Grevemeyer/GEOMAR

Cold Production of New Seafloor

First seismic evidence for mantle exhumation at an ultraslow-spreading centre