Archive 2022

Marina Khachaturyan

Meeting on the Waterfront

First meeting of the graduate school MarDATA after three years of remote work in Kiel

Fire department extinguishes fire

Update on the fire during roof work on the GEOMAR extension building

Information after the fire of September 13, 2022

Fire on the roof of the GEOMAR extension building

Fire during roof work damages GEOMAR extension building

According to initial information, a craftsman was slightly injured

View at sunset from the research vessel SONNE

Gaining a better understanding of earthquakes and potential risks

Research expedition SONNE294 investigates precise processes in earthquake-relevant zone off the U.S. West Coast.

Group picture

Ocean health in focus at 2nd International Ocean Health Symposium

More than 100 international experts discuss marine health with a focus on the impact of marine pathogens on ecosystems and society

Overview over the lithothek

"Our World is the Ocean"

GEOMAR Open Day at the "Ahoy Eastern Shore" Festival


Do oceans absorb more CO2 than expected?

New theory on the movement of phytoplankton could imply that oceans absorb more CO2 by 2100 instead of less

Research vessel MA­RIA S. ME­RI­AN

Hot on the trail of the causes of rapid ice sheet instabilities in climate history

Heat accumulation in the deeper subpolar North Atlantic triggers Heinrich events

Researcher with the autonomous underwater vehicle LUISE

Marine researchers make a wealth of deep-sea data more accessible

Consistent standards will facilitate the use of photos and videos

Launching of an air pulse array.

Using artificial waves to predict tsunamis

Seismic data can support natural hazard warning in the future