Student jobs & BA/MA thesis topics in underwater computer vision and acoustics

Are you interested in deep ocean research?
Do you want to contribute to mapping the worlds largest ecosystem?
Does programming of computer vision algorithms sound fun to you?
Then you should consider joining our group!

Within the Deep Sea Monitoring Group of the GEOMAR, intelligent, high-throughput computer vision algorithms are developed and applied to large acoustic and visual data sets acquired in the deep ocean. We target open research questions about gas release, bubble detection, mineral resource abundance, species distributions and large scale habitat characteristics. To step forward, we develop new technology that is applied during research cruises using remotely controlled or autonomous robots in the deep sea, record large amounts of (mostly visual) data and of course apply a wide range of computer vision algorithms. These include 3D reconstruction, photogrammetry, 2D mosaicking, pattern recognition, machine learning, classification, novelty detection and much else.

We are always on the hunt for students with a strong programming background (C++) to tackle the challenges in big data analysis for mapping and monitoring the deep ocean.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss details of theses topic and / or currently available HiWi positions.



Dr. Kevin Köser – kkoeser(at)
Dr. Timm Schoening – tschoening(at)

Currently available thesis topics and HiWi positions:

MSc Topic Biological Oceanography

DIAS Image Annotation Software (BA/MA thesis, HiWi Job)

Automated Photogrammetric 3D/4D Characterization of Marine Gas Bubbles

Dense Deep Sea Surface Reconstruction (MA Arbeit)

Visual Loop Detection/ Closure (MA Arbeit)

Large Scale Bundle Adjustment (MA Arbeit/ HiWi-Job)

Master Theses