Intercultural encounters

As part of the outreach activities between GEOMAR Kiel and the Central Education and Counselling Centre for Migrants in Kiel (ZBBS), a group of visitors from the Centre for Empowerment and Intercultural Creativity (ZEIK) came to GEOMAR on 28 February 2024. The group consisted of 30 people from Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia and Turkey who are interested in the topic of "sustainability" and have been attending regular workshops on the UN Sustainable Development Goals at ZEIK in Gaarden since September 2022. In this context, they were given a lecture on the GEOMAR research vessel ALKOR under the direction of Captain J.-P. Lass and a presentation of short films on marine science work at GEOMAR in the library with the help of Barbara Schmidt and Bettina Reuter. The group was very interested and asked many questions. The event was organised by Hassan Humeida (FB3, Marine Symbioses)