Harvesting the Marine Plastisphere for Novel and Innovative Biotechnology Concepts
BMBF (February 2020 to January 2023) - Contact: Prof. Dr. Ute Hentschel Humeida

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How the ocean digests plastic waste - An insight into current research at GEOMAR

Lecture by Dr. Erik Borchert & Dr. Hassan Humeida at the Toni-Jensen-Gemeinschaftsschule Kiel (11 June 2021)

New school event on "Water, plastics, sustainability"

SFB 1182/3: Origin and Function of Metaorganisms

SFB 1182/3: Origin and Function of Metaorganisms

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation’s Symbiosis in Aquatic Systems Initiative

The genomic basis of sponge-microbe symbioses: using comparative genomics to reveal ancient principles underlying metazoan-microbe symbioses

PIs ASG Sponges Consortium: Sandie Degnan, Nicole Webster, Torsten Thomas (Australia),  Ana Riesgo, Lucia Pita, Pilar Rios, Javier Cristobo, Manuel Maldonado (Spain), Sally Leys (Canada), Grace McCormack (Ireland), Laura Steindler (Israel), Rodrigo Costa, Joana Xavier (Portugal), Thierry Perez (France), Joe Lopez Andia Chavez-Fonnegra (USA), Gert Wörheide,  Ute Hentschel (Germany) (Lead PI)

Period: 2021-2024

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

New Tools for Advancing Model Systems in Aquatic Symbiosis

Establishing marine sponges as models for evolutionary, ecological and mechanistic aspects of animal-bacterial symbiosis

PIs Sandie Degnan  (Australia), (Lead PI), Laura Steindler (Israel), Torsten Thomas (Australia), Ute Hentschel (Germany) Jasper de Goeij (Netherlands)

Period: 2020–2024