New school event on "Water, plastics, sustainability"

As part of the research project "PLASTISEA", the first information event took place on 28.9.2020 at the Toni-Jensen-Gemeinschaftsschule in Kiel, Neumühlen-Dietrichsdorf. The new research project deals with the development of novel enzymes and microorganisms for the development of innovative strategies to reduce the input of microplastic particles into the oceans. An important part of the project consists of the education on the topic of plastic pollution of waters.

The 90-minute event took place on 28 September 2020 in the fifth grade of the Toni-Jensen-Gemeinschaftsschule in Kiel and was organized by Dr. Hassan Humeida and Hannes Boyke, teacher of physics, natural sciences, mathematics and technology. The Toni-Jensen-Gemeinschaftsschule has a special relationship with water, as its historical name "Schule am Wasserturm" shows.

At the beginning of his lecture Dr. Humeida first took the students on a journey into the topic "Water, a precious commodity" and asked the main questions:

    What do we need water for?
    What would life be like without water?
    How closely is the topic of water linked to climate change?
    How can we consumers respect and protect water?

The lecturer then led over to plastic in daily life and in water. He explained to the pupils the history as well as the origin and role of plastic in our daily life. He presented current figures, e.g. how much plastic is produced per year, which ways plastic waste takes from the household, over sewage plants and rivers to the sea and which consequences all our plastic consumption has for the ecological balance in the sea. Special attention was paid to oceanic waste swirls and microplastics, but also to their effects on organisms and ecosystems. Dr. Humeida also reported on new and innovative approaches to solutions at GEOMAR, for example in the context of "PLASTISEA: marine plastic as a source for new and innovative biotechnological strategies".

During the event the pupils showed great interest and attention to the topics "Water, Plastics, Sustainability" and actively contributed with many exciting questions. Finally, it should be mentioned that this first information event of a total of three had a positive effect on the students of the Toni Jensen School and was received with enthusiasm.