Research Submersible JAGO

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: length 3.0 m, beam 2.0 m, height 2.5 m

Weight in air: 3000 kg

Operation depth: 400 m

Cruising speed: 1 knot

Crew: 1 pilot, 1 observer

Life Support: 96 man hours

Pressure hull: steel, 15-18 mm

Viewports: acrylic bow viewport (700 mm ø, aperture angle 120°); top dome / hatch (450 mm ø, aperture angle 180°) providing 360°

Power supply: 6 lead-acid batteries, total capacity 13 KWh – 24 Volt DC

Propulsion: 3 reversible horizontal thrusters at stern, 2 rotatable thrusters on starboard and port side, 1 bow and 1 aft thruster

Basic systems: 720 l diving tanks for buoyancy at surface, 40 l ballast tank for vertical movements, 2 oxygen high pressure cylinders, 3 high pressure air cylinders, filter for CO2 absorption (air regeneration)

Rescue systems: emergency drop weigh, dead man safety system, generation of 500 kg positive buoyancy at 400 m depth, emergency buoy with rescue device

Equipment: Underwater navigation and positioning system (USBL ORE), compass, depth gauges, vertical and horizontal scanning sonar, underwater acoustic telephone communication UT 10 kHz,  LED lights, flash lights, laser scaling, digital video (Full-HD 1080p/50p) and still cameras for documentation, CTD, hydraulic manipulator arm with exchangable claws, sampling devices for organisms, gas, water, fluids, sediments, rocks

Transport: 1 x 20' ISO container

Classification: DNV-GL (Germanischer Lloyd Hamburg, Germany)