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Prof. Dr. Jörn Thiede. Source: private.

Mourning for Jörn Thiede

Former Director of the Alfred Wegener Institute and GEOMAR passed away at the age of 80.

A green laser goes from the OSCM vertically into the night sky over Mindelo. In the foreground a man looks in the direction of the laser.

New Laser Measurement System at the Ocean Science Centre Mindelo

Investigating Saharan Dust in the Atmosphere above the Island of Sāo Vicente

Arved Fuchs and his team departing with Dagmar Aaen from GEOMAR in Kiel. Photo: A. Villwock, GEOMAR

Adventure and Marine Research

Arved Fuchs and GEOMAR cooperate on the "OceanChange2021" expedition

Ocean Facts - World Oceans Day 2021

10 Facts about the Ocean

On World Oceans Day

Collage: Rachel Atanacio,

Close link between maximum age, mortality and productivity discovered

Natural constant simplifies sustainable management of animal and plant groups

 CTD in front of the 79N glacier

Rapidly retreating glacier tongues change nutrient supply to the Ocean

New GEOMAR study on ice-ocean interaction in Greenland

Professor Dr. Katja Matthes, Director of GEOMAR. Photo: picture alliance / dpa / Axel Heimken.

Ulrich Bathmann and Katja Matthes elected to the board of the German Marine Research Alliance (DAM)

Alliance grows by three new member institutions and two strategic partners 

Racing yacht Ambersail II at Tiessenkai in Kiel. Photo: Jan Steffen, GEOMAR.

Racing sailing yacht delivers plastic samples to GEOMAR

Ambersail II stops at the Tiessenkai in Kiel

Hands. Photo: Clay Banks, Unsplash.

Valuing Diversity at GEOMAR

Marine research centre aims to actively support the development of diversity at work