T-SECTOR: Testing Solid Earth Climate connections Through mid Ocean Ridge time series

Time series of hydrothermal metals in sediments (PI: Martin Frank)

The hydrothermal metal content and fluxes of the cores (Fe, Mn, As, Pb, etc.) will be measured and combined with the evolution of authigenic Pb concentrations and isotope compositions of the sediments to constrain changes in hydrothermal activity and inputs into the bottom waters close to the vent sites. Authigenic Nd isotope compositions, obtained from the same samples, will identify changes in bottom water circulation. This approach will allow distinction of variations in Pb isotopes caused by hydrothermal inputs, bottom water circulation and oxygenation changes.These data will be compared to the records of sediment-hosted MORB glasses at each site and will allow us to constrain if changes in hydrothermal activity and the composition of the hydrothermal fluids were controlled by the same factors as the compositions of the MORB glasses or if additional parameters were important. The combined investigation of the evolution of the composition of seawater near hydrothermal vents and MORBs is entirely novel and will allow unique new insights into the linkages and causal relationships between sea level, the chemical composition of seawater as a function of hydrothermal activity and magmatic processes at the MORs at an unprecedented level.


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