Shipping is the most widely used medium for transport of goods internationally and will continue to increase. Although shipping is a carbon-efficient transport medium, there is an increasing focus on its broader environmental consequences. For a sustainable and equitable use of the oceans, as well as minimizing impacts of global change, a further development to sustainable shipping, or green shipping, is needed. Ship-building and operational standards are introduced and area-based instruments, such as emission control areas (ECAs), are established. However, lack of regulations, vague monitoring, unclear environmental impacts and economic uncertainty might cause problems for industry and society.

In ShipTRASE, the environmental, economic and legal aspects of both near-term and long-term solutions to shipping emission reduction and control mechanisms will be analysed. The potential environmental impacts on the lower atmosphere and upper ocean include those from pollutant emission from ship smoke stacks and liquid discharge, as well as increased methane-induced greenhouse warming.


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