Trace Gas Air-Sea Exchange using the Eddy Correlation Technique (TRASE-EC Group)

Prof. Dr. Christa A. Marandino

Oceanic chemical, biological, and physical processes have the potential to significantly impact atmospheric trace gas chemistry through air-sea exchange, with important consequences for life on earth. There is much interest in understanding surface ocean processes and the physical constraints on air-sea flux, with a major goal of predicting ocean fluxes of trace gases using models. Universally applicable, simple parameterizations, however, continue to elude the community. Additionally, it is important to understand how trace gases are produced/consumed in the surface ocean and whether the ocean is a net source or a sink of these important compounds to the atmosphere. Direct air-sea flux measurements in conjunction with surface ocean process studies can be useful tools for studying both the physical constraints on gas exchange and the biogeochemical cycling of these compounds.