Expedition: SO305

In April 2024, expedition SO305 set off with the research vessel SONNE with Dr. Martha Gledhill on board to conduct research in the Indian Ocean for the BIOCAT project. Click here for the blog.


We congratulate Dr. Li Qiu on successfully defending her dissertation!

Ocean Glow

“Ocean Glow” to shed new light on the controls of ocean productivity


Eastern Mediterranean Sea as a model for Future Ocean Research


Marine AMMunitiOn dump site exploration by surface - and underwater - based laser mass spectrometric TRACing technology

Water column Biogeochemistry

Our research activities focus on global change and the functioning of ecosystems. We approach our research from two directions: Field measurements and laboratory studies. The research is interdisciplinary and involves studies of chemical, biological and physical processes. We study the distribution, behavior and chemical speciation of trace metals, nutrients and carbon in the water column. The environmental chemistry of pollutants and nanoparticles in marine systems is also part of our research. We investigate how anthropogenic drivers change the chemistry of the ocean and thus influence biological processes. Our research is interdisciplinary and is carried out in collaboration with national (Kiel University, Constructor University, Alfred Wegener Institute, Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research) and international partners (e.g. in the UK, USA, Netherlands, Sweden, China, France, Kuwait).

Core topics

Senior Scientists