Trace Gas Biogeochemistry

The research interests of the working group can be described by the following points:

  • Open ocean and coastal biogeochemistry of nitrogen, carbon and sulphur
  • Special focus on upwelling regions/OMZ, the Arctic Sea and the Baltic Sea
  • Cycling and emissions of oceanic trace gases (N2O, NO, CH4, CO, DMS)
  • Development of underwater trace gas sensors
  • Measurements of short-lived intermediates of the nitrogen and sulphur cycles (NH2OH, NO, DMSP and DMSO)
  • Biogeochemical time-series observations
  • 15N isotope signature of dissolved nitrate


The Research Unit is involved in a variety of projects: 

  • Boknis Eck Time-Series Station (Eckernförde Bay, SW Baltic Sea)
  • MEMENTO (The MarinE MethanE and NiTrous Oxide database)
  • SCOR WG #143
  • Member of the IIOE-2 (2nd Internatl. Indian Ocean Expedition) core group
  • NITROSO (Nitrous oxide in the Southern Ocean), Sino-German project funded by SOA and BMBF
  • BONUS INTEGRAL (Integrated carbon and trace gas monitoring in the Baltic Sea), funded by EU and BMBF
  • PETRA (Pathways and emissions of cliamte-relevant trace gases in achanging Arctic Ocean), UK-German project funded by NERC and BMBF
  • Nitric oxide (NO) in the Ocean, funded by DAAD
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) in the coastal ocean, funded by CSC
  • Measurements of isotopic signatures and short-lived tracers of nitrogen cycle processes in the Baltic Sea, funded by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

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