Trace Gas Biogeochemistry

Prof. Dr. Hermann W. Bange  

Research Interests

  • Open ocean and coastal biogeochemistry of nitrogen, carbon and sulphur
  • Special focus on upwelling regions/OMZ, the Arctic Sea and the Baltic Sea
  • Cycling and emissions of oceanic trace gases (N2O, NO, CH4, CO, DMS)
  • Development of underwater trace gas sensors
  • Measurements of short-lived intermediates of the nitrogen and sulphur cycles (NH2OH, NO, DMSP and DMSO)
  • Biogeochemical time-series observations
  • 15N isotope signature of dissolved nitrate


Working group

Damian L. Arevalo-Martinez 
Hermann Bange
Pratirupa Bardhan
Roberto Benavides
Axel Berger
Hanna Campen
Tina Fiedler
Riel Ingeniero
Annette Kock
Guanlin Li 
Xiao Ma
Kastriot Qelaj
Rasmus Schemschat
Martin Steen 
Tobias Steinhoff
Mingshuang Sun
Yanan Zhao