Sponge samples collection in the Costa Brava (Girona, Spain)

Aquarium experiments at CMIMA-CSIC (Barcelona, Spain), in collaboration with Dr. Marta Ribes.

Aim 1. Characterization of the host response to microbes in the Mediterranean sponges Aplysina aerophoba and Dysidea avara

Aim 2. The interaction between the sponge Aplysina aerophoba and the spongivorous Tylodina perversa

Aim 3. Dissolved organic matter processing by the marine sponges Aplysina aerophoba, Agelas oroides, and Dysidea avara and their associated microbes

Aim 4. Ultrastructural investigations of Mediterranean high microbial abundance sponges.

Location and Dates

CMIMA-CSIC (Barcelona, Spain)


People involved

Dr. Lucía Pita (expedition coordination, aims 1 and 2); MSc. Yu-Chen Wu (aim 2); Dr. Laura Rix (aim 3); MSc Martin Jahn (aim 4).