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Master- / Bachelorstudenten

Ieva Caraite 

Master thesis: Factors shaping the microbiomes of deep-sea sponges (2020).

Master of Science in Marine Biological Resources (IMBRSea / supervision: Dr. Beate Slaby)

Ashley Coons

Master thesis: Global and substrate variability of the Plastisphere and identification of potential plastic degraders

(supervision: Dr. Erik Borchert)

Roman Schröder

Master thesis: Quantification of coral bleaching responses

(supervision: Dr. Anna Roik)

Vincent Richter

Bch thesis: Biotechnologisches Potential der marinen Bakteriengattung Amphritea

(supervision: Dr. Jutta Wiese)

Johannes Schlögl

Bch thesis: NN (supervision Dr. Kristina Bayer)