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Master- / Bachelorstudenten

Ieva Caraite
Master thesis: Factors shaping the microbiomes of deep-sea sponges (2020).
Master of Science in Marine Biological Resources (IMBRSea / supervision: Dr. Beate Slaby)

Ashley Coons
Master thesis: Global and substrate variability of the Plastisphere and identification of potential plastic degraders (supervision: Dr. Erik Borchert)

Roman Schröder
Master thesis: Quantification of coral bleaching responses (supervision: Dr. Anna Roik)

Vincent Richter
Bch thesis: Biotechnologisches Potential der marinen Bakteriengattung Amphritea (supervision: Dr. Jutta Wiese)

Johannes Schlögl
Bch thesis: NN (supervision Dr. Kristina Bayer)


Roik, Anna
Postdoc 2017–2021                                                     
Project PI of ‘The coral microbiome Project’, ‘Future Ocean‘ DFG Cluster of Excellence Fellow. Since March 2021 Microbiome Ecologist at Helmholtz Institute for Functional Marine Biodiversity University of Oldenburg (HIFMB) hifmb.de/people/anna-roik/
RESEARCH FOCUS Microbiomes, molecular ecology and ecophysiology, shallow-water corals physiological plasticity and stress responses, deep-sea corals physiological plasticity, ecosystem functioning of coral reefs and abiotic-biotic interactions, 16S amplicon profiling

Jahn, Martin Thomas
PhD student 2015 - 2019 Graduate School of Life Sciences (University of Würzburg & Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research GEOMAR Kiel). Thesis: "Physiology, syntrophy and viral interplay in the marine sponge holobiont" carried out in the Hentschel lab, GEOMAR, Kiel. Since February 2020: Postdoctoral researcher at the Zoology & Biochemistry departments, University of Oxford. RESEARCH FOCUS Bioinformatics, Imaging, Molecular Biology and Microbiology

Sottorff, Ignacio
PhD Student 2015-2019
Ignacio studied biotechnology in natural product chemistry in the Universidad de Concepcion, Chile (2009) and got his master degree in marine chemical biology in Scripps Institution of Oceanography-University of California, USA. He continued his education with a DAAD-funded doctoral project at GEOMAR Kiel supervised by Prof. Dr. Johannes F. Imhoff. Currently he is working in the Lab of Prof. Lena Daumann, Dept of Chemistry, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München on an ERC-project for isolation and characterization of lanthanide chelators from microorganisms.

Wu, Yu-Chen
PhD Student 2015-2019 Hentschel lab, GEOMAR, Kiel
Since 2020: Projectmanagement Biotechnology at CRM-Coastal Research & Management, Kiel
RESEARCH FOCUS Molecular biology, biotechnology

Batani, Giampiero  
PhD Student 2017-2019
Postdoc researcher in the group of Dr. Rino Rappuoli at Fondazione Toscana Life Sciences in Siena. Ph.D. degree in Microbiology and Immunology in 2019 at the University of New South Wales, Sydney. His Ph.D. thesis was carried out in the lab of Prof. Torsten Thomas at the University of New South Wales and in Prof. Ute Hentschel Humeida’s lab at GEOMAR Kiel. Postdoc in Dr. Eva Nováková’s at the University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic.

Franke, Andrea
Postdoc 2017-2019
Sept. 2019–Dec 2019: Project manager  EU project "EuroSea" GEOMAR Kiel
March 2017–Dec 2018: Scientific coordinator Strategic Research Initiative "Ocean Health" Cluster of Excellence "The Future Ocean" GEOMAR Kiel. Current position: Fisheries and Marine Biologist at Helmholtz Institute for Functional Marine Biodiversity University of Oldenburg (HIFMB) hifmb.de/people/andrea-franke.

Rix, Laura
Postdoc 2016-2018
Current position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences, The University of Queensland, Australia
RESEARCH FOCUS Role of microbial symbionts in sponge tolerance to environmental change

Horn, Hannes
PhD student Graduate School of Life Sciences (University of Würzburg) 2013 - 2017
PhD student Geomar Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Department of Marine Microbiology 2015-2016
Supervisor: Prof. U. Hentschel. Thesis: "Analysis and interpretation of (meta-) genomic data from host-associated microorganisms"
Current position: Senior Bioinformatician | Data Scientist Molecular Health GmbH, Heidelberg, Deutschland
RESEARCH FOCUS Bioinformatics, Microbiology

Slaby, Beate
PhD student 2013-2017 Graduate School of Life Sciences (University of Würzburg & Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research GEOMAR Kiel). Since 2017: Postdoc in the Horizon 2020 EU project SponGES. Current position since 2019: Coordinator of program-oriented funding (POF) IV Topic 6 at GEOMAR. RESEARCH FOCUS 'Omics' of uncultured microorganisms, Interaction of microbes with marine sponges, Bioinformatic methods

Cheng Cheng
PhD student Graduate School of Life Sciences (University of Würzburg) 2012-2016. Since March 2018 patent professional at Prüfer & Partner and is undergoing training as a European Patent Attorney. Accordingly, Cheng mainly handles patent prosecution and opposition matters before the European Patent Office https://www.pruefer.eu/team/cheng-cheng/ RESEARCH FOCUS Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Medicinal chemistry, Metabolomics, Immunology, Natural products

Moitinho e Silva, Lucas
PhD Student 2010-2014 Universität Würzburg / Thesis: Exploration of microbial diversity and function in Red Sea sponges by deep sequencing
Scientist: Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology (IKMB), Kiel University
RESEARCH FOCUS Microbial diversity and function

Kamke, Janine
PhD-Student 2009-2013 University of Würzburg / Thesis: Investigation of the diversity, abundance and vertical transmission of bacteria in marine sponges. Current position: marine and coastal water quality scientist at Waikato Regional Council, Hamilton, New Zealand




Hildebrandt, Eva
PhD-Student 2009-2013 Universität Würzburg / Thesis: The influence of trichomes and cuticular lipids on Arabidopsis thaliana leaf-associated bacterial communitiesInitiative Junge Forscherinnen und Forscher e.V., Würzburg www.initiative-junge-forscher.de

Glöckner, Volker
Deputy Chairman of the Würzburg District Group BUND Naturschutz in Bayern E.V., IT Manager BUND Naturschutz Marketing GmbH 91207 Lauf www.bn-marketing.net/ueber-uns/bueroteam

Tabares, Paula
PhD-student 2007-2011 Universität Würzburg. After finishing her studies in Chemistry in Colombia, she moved to Germany 2007 for her PhD studies under the supervision of Prof. Ute Hentschel. Her doctoral thesis involved the identification of marine sponge derived secondary metabolites with immunological activity. Since May 2018 Paula joined the Experimental Stem Cell Transplantation Laboratory as postdoctoral fellow, the Beilhack Lab, IZKF Forschergruppe für Experimentelle Stammzelltransplantation, Zentrum für Experimentelle Molekulare Medizin ZEMM – Würzburg, Germany www.beilhack.org


Angermeier, Hilde Gabriele
PhD-Student 2007-2011 Universität Würzburg – Thesis Molecular and ecological investigations of Caribbean sponge diseases. Current position: Bayrisches Landesamt für Gesundheit und Lebensmittelsicherheit: Public Health Mikrobiologie, Microbiology, human virology SARS-CoV-2 diagnostics and reporting www.lgl.bayern.de Former: European Public Health Microbiology training program (EUPHEM) of ECDC / Institut Pasteur http://www.pasteur.fr/education

Abdelmohsen, Usama Ramadan
PhD-Student 2006-2010 Universität Würzburg / Thesis Antimicrobial Activities from Plant Cell Cultures and Marine Sponge-Associated Actinomycetes
Current position: Associate professor Minia University, Al Minyā, Egypt, Department of Pharmacognosy www.researchgate.net/institution/Minia_University
RESEARCH FOCUS Marine natural products against viral and bacterial infections

Dr. Naseem, Muhammad
PhD student University of Wuerzburg, Germany 2009. Thesis:  Molecular Plant Physiology “The role of cytokinins in plant immunity”. Current Positio since 2018: Assistant Professor Department of Life & Environmental Sciences, College of Natural and Health Sciences, Zayed University Abu Dhabi. RESEARCH FOCUS Biological Concepts, Signal Transduction, Stress Physiology, Host-Pathogen Interactions, Environment and Sustainability, Network Biology, Systems Biology and Bioinformatics

Siegl, Alexander Matthias
PhD student 2005-2009 Julius-von-Sachs-Institut für Biowissenschaften University of Würzburg. Thesis: Single cell based methods for the characterization of sponge-associated bacteria. Since 2018 Freelance microbiological consultant, resident in Seeg im Allgäu (VAT ID No.: DE326358490). Since 2019 Microbiologist R&D at optiferm GmbH in Oy-Mittelberg

Pimentel-Elardo Sheila
PhD student 2004-2008 University of Würzburg, Thesis: Novel anti-infective secondary metabolites and biosynthetic gene clusters from actinomycetes associated with marine sponges (2008). Since 2010 Research Associate at NODWELL LAB, Department of Biochemistry, University of Toronto, Canada nodwelllab.com
RESEARCH FOCUS Marine natural products and the microbiome of marine invertebrates

Bayer, Kristina
PhD-Student 2004-2008 University of Würzburg
Thesis: Physiology, phylogeny and metagenomic analyses of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and archaea in the Mediterranean sponge Aplysina aerophoba. Current position since 2015: Senior research scientist at GEOMAR, Marine Symbiosis. RESEARCH FOCUS Sponge-Microbe Symbiosis, Quantification and Visualization of Microorganisms, Symbiont Function, Microbial Genomics, FACS-Sorting.



Thoms, Carsten
Postdoctoral Researcher 2007–2008 University of Wuerzburg, Research Center for Infectious Diseases (ZINF)
Since May 2017 Head of the Strategic Research Management at Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg de.linkedin.com/in/carsten-thoms
RESEARCH FOCUS Marine biodiversity, marine ecology, marine natural products research, coral reefs

Kozytskaya, Svetlana
Postdoctoral researcher 2005-2007 University of Würzburg:  Anti-biofilm from marine sponge associated microorganisms

Grozdanov, Lubomir
Postdoctoral Researcher 2004–2007 University of Würzburg: Metagenomic approoaches to secondary metabilite discovery

Scheuermayer, Matthias       
PhD student 2002-2006 University of Würzburg. Thesis Phylogeny, Secondary Metabolism and Biotechnological Potential of Marine, Sponge-Associated Microorganisms

Wehrl, Markus
Phd student 2002-2006 University of Würzburg. Thesis: Bacterial uptake, selectivity and internal processing of marine sponges (Porifera) Universität Würzburg

Fieseler, Lars
2005 Doctorate University of Würzburg. Lecturer and researcher in food microbiology at ZHAW School of Life Sciences and Facility Management, Switzerland. Since 2013 Professor for Food Safety and Quality, since 2011 Head of the Microbiology Unit at the Institute for Food and Beverage Innovation (ILGI) of the ZHAW. RESEARCH FOCUS Food Microbiology, Isolation and characterization of bacteriophages, pathogens and spoilage bacteria, biocontrol, detection of food borne pathogens