Kiel Marine Organism Culture Centre

The Kiel Marine Organism Culture Centre (KIMOCC) provides a platform that develops, implements and publishes state-of-the-art marine organism culture methods.


KIMOCC serves marine research in Kiel by supporting complex experiments in the framework of the main topics of the Future Ocean Network.


The Kiel Marine Organism Culture Centre (KIMOCC) provides advanced culturing techniques for experiments with marine organisms like e.g. deep-sea bivalves, ctenophores, microalgae or cnidaria (pictures on the left by Hiebenthal, Jaspers, Schulz and Weiland-Bräuer).

Main foci of KIMOCC:

  • acclimatization and adaptation of organisms to climate change
  • interaction of microbial communities and multicellular organisms

KIMOCC provides:

  • Development and implementation of state-of-the-art culture methods
  • Development and implementation of systems for continuous supply with feeding organisms (living zoo- and phytoplankton)
  • Cultivation of challenging marine species through several generations
  • Systematical supply with recent marine environmental data
  • Quality management of "Kiel CO2 manipulation experimental facility" (KICO2) at GEOMAR
  • Advice of GEOMAR and CAU scientists and students in planning and conducting culture experiments



KIMOCC infrastructure:


 some KIMOCC Projects




Claas Hiebenthal


Tel.: +49 431 600-4575