GEOMAR climate chambers


At GEOMAR, we run a total of 25 climate chambers (smallest 3 m2, the largest 56 m2) which can be set to temperatures between 0 and 30 °C. The chambers are equipped with a steady supply of filtered Baltic seawater from Kiel fjord which can be used for flow-through setups that allow for high replication of experimental treatments.


Electric power and pressurized air supply is available in all climate chambers. In a number of chambers, CO2-enriched air can be used for ocean acidification research, or for algae fertiliziation.

Plankton food for filter feeders is supplied by the KIMOCC Rhodomonas culture.

A variery of different experimental setups can be realized using shelves, aquariums and diverse other equipment in the climate chambers.



Claas Hiebenthal


Tel.: +49 431 600-4575