Jobs and Student Opportunities

Do you want to contribute to mapping the last uncharted terrain on Earth, the deep ocean ? Interested in computer vision ? Then you should consider joining our group!


Opportunities for Visiting Researchers, Interns, PostDocs, PhD students:

If you are interested in underwater vision, and if you have an excellent background in math and programming, we are happy to collaborate with you and/or to host German or international PostDocs or PhD students in general (coming with their own funding). Please note that we cannot pay for your stay or salary unless you are applying for an official position advertisement of GEOMAR.

Interested international or German PostDocs (or to-be-soon-finished PhD students) can apply in the Walter Benjamin Programme of the German Research Foundation:

Also, if you want to apply e.g. for a PostDoctoral Humboldt-Fellowship:

If you dont have an idea for funding yet, you might check the scholarship database of the German Academic Exchange Service for other options:

Opportunities for a student job (HiWi) in our group

If you are good at programming (C++) and math, and you are interested in supporting our team for software development, helping with hardware and cameras, there might be the opportunity for a paid student helper (HiWi) position. It is usually of advantage if you have already completed an internship or thesis with us beforehand.


Opportunities for Bachelor and Master students of FH Kiel and Kiel University (thesis, project, internship):

We have hosted students for bachelor and master thesis, for internships and for master projects. In most cases the topic involves C++ programming for computer vision, photogrammetry, visualization or robotics. The challenges and extent of the projects can be adapted to different levels of qualification.

Sample projects:

  • Software for Underwater Stereo System
  • Software for Volumetric Fusion of Depth Maps
  • Robot Camera Calibration Toolbox (e.g. in ROS)
  • Underwater Color Correction
  • Light Source Calibration and Underwater Light Cone Correction
  • Tracking / Estimation of Rising Gas Bubbles in the Ocean
  • Finding Image Correspondences in Challenging Situations
  • Robotic Visual Mission Summary (detect typical images, exciting images from a dive)
  • Change Detection in Repeated AUV Mapping Campaigns
  • Detecting Marine Instrument Imprints on the Seafloor
  • Extending an Open Source Mapping Software to Underwater Challenges
  • Integrating Refraction into google's CERES library
  • Reconstruction of Plankton from Microscope Images