Marine Biogeochemistry

DeepSea Monitoring Software

FlareHunter and FluxModule

Detecting free gas release at the seafloor and quantifying gas fluxes is one of the main work topics of the DeepSea Monitoring Group. In cooperation with Ghent University we developed (and are still advancing) our MATLAB-based FlareHunter software to motion-compensate and edit EK60 single beam echosounder data and quantify gas fluxes. read more

CNV to ODV Converter

For many years, the group has used SeaBird CTDs for oceanographic data and sample acquisition and the OceanDataView Software (ODV) for data visualisation and compilation. To convert processed CTD data into ODV, Jens Greinert developed the CNV2ODV converter program. Feel free to use it. read more

CameraController software

The CameraController software was developed to operate Canon cameras for long-term observations in underwater scenarios. The user of the software is able to set every available camera setting (e.g. aperture value, exposure time value, Iso, etc.) of the connected camera and shoot images remotely. read more

CTD to SSV Converter

The software reads CTD data via seriel port, calculates sound velocity and outputs this sound velocity to another serial port.  read more

GMT-Script Tool

The GMT-Script Tool helps to write GMT scripts. In the end, it is a text editor that has many useful functionalities and predefined command lines for processing and visualizing bathymetric data. read more

DSM Workbench

The DSM workbench is a standalone, freely available tool to process data of various measurement devices commonly used in ocean research (CTD, AUV, Turbidity, USBL, DVL, etc.). The workbench allows users to display, filter, edit and merge such data sets. Different data sources are synchronized and displayed in charts and on a map. Several general processing tools (e.g. averaging or median-filtering) can be applied to each data series. Other tools combine the information from different data sources. For example, the “DVL and USBL Sensor Fusion Tool” uses USBL navigational data and DVL data to derive ‘the best final’ navigational track of an ROV/AUV. In the end, individual output files can be compiled from selected properties of each input and processed data set.

The software requires Windows 7 or later. You can install the software from this location: click here

Some test data can be found here: click here


Prof. Dr. Jens Greinert
DSM Group Leader

Room: 8A-103
Phone: +49 431 600-2590
E-Mail: jgreinert(at)


Mia Schumacher
Group assistance

Room: 8A-104
Phone: +49 431 600-2507
E-mail: mschumacher(at)


Anne Peukert
Group assistance (from Feb 2019)

Room: 8A-104
Phone: +49 431 600-2507
E-mail: apeukert(at)


Dr. Inken-Marie Preuss
Research coordination and group assistance

(currently on maternity & parental leave)