FlareHunter and FluxModule

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The graphical user interface 'FlareHunter' is designed to provide users with an easy to use interface for visualizing, analyzing and processing hydroacoustic data representing bubble release in echograms. The graphical user interface is a specialized tool for post-processing the backscattering of free gas (bubbles) recorded by Kongsberg EK60 scientific echosounding systems (split-beam). The software has been named "FlareHunter" because hydroacoustic investigations targeting methane infiltration activity in an investigation area off Prins Karl Forland (Svalbard) were unofficially called "FlareHunting". The GUI scripts were developed in MATLAB.

The current version of FlareHunter GUI has the following capabilities:

  • Reading EK60 data in .raw format.
  • Display of echograms of volume backscattering strength (SV), target strength (TS) and target strength including beam compensation (TSCOMP).
  • Display of images containing information of the mechanical angles (alongship and athwarship angles)
  • Bottom detection
  • Three dimensional visualization of SV positions by accounting  motion compensation and static offset corrections
  • Manual editing of backscatter values in 3D and saving edited data.
  • Geometrical averaging of scattererpositions to source locations at the seafloor and observe water current effects.
  • FlareFlowModule to calculate the methane flow rate of single edited flares

Current Version: 1.0.0

Date: 25 June 2014

Downlaod: available on request

Manual: FlareHunter.pdf

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