CLIMALG-SN database of Senegalese seaweed


The CLIMALG-SN database is a tool to get an overview across the seaweeds (=macroalgae, = macrophytes) on the shores of Senegal. While CLIMALG-SN is trying to understand the contribtuion of  seaweeds to the Senegalese coastal biodiversity, the project is also looking for modern solutions on algae farming, sustainable cultivation and usage, where information is key for  greater understanding and sustainability.

The database is built upon scientific publications and crosslinks different databases. More than 400 pecies have been documented in Senegal. Starting from the scientific sources coordinates, compounds, pictures, usages, nutrients, trace elements, minerals, vitamins and more information is included in the database. The scientific literature is still sparse and diverse for seaweeds.  For example some algae may have a very detailed record on amino acids and others don’t, while they may have exact coordinates of their locality. Thus some parameters are only reported for individual algae, while some can be compared between the algae.

If you would like access to the database, please email explaining the purpose of your request. Until the project and the associated doctoral theses have been completed, the database is only accessible to selected persons. The Senegalese project partner decides on exceptions.