Education Programme

The broad range and interdisciplinary scope of EMS FORE provide an opportune framework to address our goal of training young investigators and educating PhD students in multidisciplinary and integrative science on important scientific topics with high societal impact.

In addition to the scientific themes within the scope of EMS FORE, the PhD students will be trained in scientific independence, transferable skills and confidence-building; this training will be organized through the graduate schools in Kiel (ISOS) and Haifa (CSMS). PhD students and early level postdocs will be supervised by Early Career Scientist (ECS) and collaborate closely with the PIs and other researchers within and between the different WPs.

In EMS FORE, we will jointly supervise early level postdocs and PhD students by both institutions, fostering the concept of multidisciplinary research and collaboration. Further interactions will be established via regular group meetings and data-analysis workshops and during our joint research cruises. Exchange of PhD students and young investigators between the partner institutions within EMS FORE will enhance collaborative work and allow cross-fertilization of scientific ideas and training.