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  • Booth "Protection of the deep sea / resources from the deep sea" at the inauguration of the new extension building (ENB/Geb. 5) with visits of the Federal Minister of Education and Reseach B. Stark-Watzinger, prime minister D. Günther, minister of education K. Prien and the lord mayor of the city of Kiel, U. Kämpfer – Brandl, P.A. & Haeckel, M. (21.05.2024)
  • Booth "Marine Mineral Resources and the impacts of deep sea mining" at the visit of the ministers for energy of the states – Sander, S., Brandl, P.A. & Haeckel, M. (16.05.2024)


  • Life at the edge: Black smokers and hydrothermal systems in the deep sea. Life Under Extreme Conditions. 26th German-Japanese Symposium, Kiel - Petersen, S (14.05.2023)
  • Liegt die Zukunft des Bergbaus in der Tiefsee?, Rheinische Naturforschende Gesellschaft (RNG) Vortragsreihe 2023 - Zitoun, R (18.04.2023)
  • "Mineralische Rohstoffe aus der Tiefsee" public lecture at Rotarier Bad Segeberg - Petersen, S, (20.02.2023)


  • Booth at GEOMAR's "Open Day", Ahoi Ostufer – MMR Group (21.08.2022)
  • Raw materials from the deep sea: Possible future or science fiction? Kiel Week, Ocean Science Show - Ocean Cathedral, Kiel, Germany – Zitoun, R (19.6.2022)
  • Treasures from the depths: raw materials from the sea - future or science fiction? Festival of Science - Ocean Science Show, Kiel, Germany – Zitoun, R (28.4.2022)


  • Virtual Talk "Probing the evolution of oceanic basins through scientific drilling“ in the Ridge Seminar Series (online): Recording on YouTube – Brandl, P (13.4.2021)


  • Raw materials from the deep sea: possible future or science fiction: Public lecture as part of the series Our Blue Planet. Senckenberg museum. Online Lecture – Petersen, S (9.12.2020)
  • Contributions to the Earth System Knowledge Platform (ESKP) special topic „Volcanism and Society: – Brandl, P (09.2020)
  • Public talk „Active magmatism and formation of ore deposits at the seafloor“ for the Society of Natural Sciences Schleswig-Holstein – Brandl, P (12.2.2020)
  • Several chapters in booklet to the Public Exhibition "Tiefsee - Vielfalt in der Dunkelheit"  1) Hotspots des Lebens – die geologischen Vorrasusetzung. 2) Massivsulfide. 3) Manganknollen. 4) Mineralische Rohstoffe der Tiefsee. In: Müller, T. und Hoffmann-Wieck, G. (Eds). Senckenberg-Buch, 83. Schweizerbart, Stuttgart, ISBN 978-3-510-61415-8. – Petersen, SBrandl, P, und Krätschell, A.

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Since September 2020

Exhibition "Tiefsee - Vielfalt in der Dunkelheit" in the Senckenberg Naturkundemuseum Frankfurt with specimen and informationen from GEOMAR

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Eruption of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai, an underwater volcano in the South Pacific.

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Diving El Hierro's submarine volcano

Black Smokers: Ore Factories of the Deep