Marine Mineral Resources (MMR)

Marine Mineral Resources are metal deposits in the oceans that may become of economic relevance in the near future. The goal of research in the MMR group at GEOMAR is to understand the formation of these potential deposits and to advance the exploration of the seafloor in order to estimate the potential of these deposits and predict their occurrence. Research focuses on polymetallic massive sulfides, as well as porphyritic and epithermal copper-gold deposits. In our research, we follow a "source to sink" approach to understand all aspects that contribute to the formation of mineral resources on the seafloor.

Metals in seafloor deposits are not only valuable resources for high-tech and "green energy" products, but some are unfortunately harmful to many marine organisms at certain concentrations. Therefore, as part of the research focus on "Metals in the Ocean", the MMR group is addressing all aspects of trace metals related to mineral deposits in the marine environment, including their concentration, physical and chemical speciation, and bioavailability and toxicity.


Research activities

  • KIMERA – Artificial intelligence applied to mapping of the seafloor and marine spatial planning (01.09.2023-31.08.2026). PIs: P. Brandl/S.Petersen
  • HEXPLORES 2023 (4.10.-1.11.2023) - Hydrothermal EXPLOration of the REd Sea,” The Effect of Spreading Rate on the Frequency Distribution of Hydrothermal Vent Sites and Volcanic Activity in the Red Sea Rift”, Red Sea, RV Meteor, PIs: N. Augustin (GEOMAR)/F. van der Zwan (KAUST)/S. Petersen (GEOMAR)/ C. Devey (GEOMAR).
  • SO299 DYNAMET (6.6.-29.7.2023) - geoDYNAmics & METallogeny, “Arc rifting, metallogeny and microplate evolution: an integrated geodynamic, magmatic and hydrothermal study of the Bismarck Archipelago, Papua New Guinea”, offshore Papua-Neuguinea, RV Sonne (SO299), Chief Scientists: P. Brandl/M. Hannington.
  • DOMETRAP, subproject of the SPP2238 "DOME" (DFG): 2020-2023
  • AZORES Hot Vents (29.11.-31.12.2022), “Exploration of hydrothermal systems on the Azores Plateau, Central North Atlantic Ocean”, Central North Atlantic, RV Meteor, PIs: C. Schmidt (GEOMAR)/C. Hensen (GEOMAR)/N. Kaul (Bremen University)/P. Terrinha (Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere, IPMA).
  • **Active production of Fe ligands: How important are benthic microbes for regulating bioavailable iron in the ocean?

** For further information for undergraduate and/or postgraduate involvment in this project, please contact the team assistant (

Recently completed projects

  • IslandImpact (16.11.-17.12.2022) - “Understanding the regional impact of islands (South Georgia) on Southern Ocean biogeochemistry and ecosystem function", South-Atlantic, RV Polarstern (PS133), Chief Scientist: C. Klaas (AWI)/S. Kasten (AWI)/A. Waite (Dalhousie University)/M. Meredith (British Antarctic Survey, BAS).
  • DeepBlue (23.6.-14.7.2022) - “Characterisation and monitoring of serpentine mude volcanoes’ fluid/solid emissions in the Mariana Forearc”, Pacific Ocean, RV Sonne (SO292), PIs: W. Menapace (MARUM)/ E. Albers (MARUM)/ A. Kopf (MARUM).
  • BISMArc (2017-2020), in collaboration with GeoZentrum Nordbayern (DFG).
  • Marine Mineral Resources - funded through the Helmholtz Association.
  • OASIS (2015-2018) - Indian Ocean, funded through BMBF.
  • Blue Mining (2014-2018) - funded through EU FP7.

Events & Lectures

Talks & Events:

  • Resources from the deep sea: Recent developments in Marine Mining. S. Petersen. 28/09/2022. Association for Geography and Geology Bochum, Germany
  • Booth at GEOMAR's Open Day, Ahoi Ostufer – 21.08.2022
  • Raw materials from the deep sea: possible future or science fiction? R.Zitoun 19/6/2022. Kiel Week, Ocean Science Show - Ocean Dome, Kiel, Germany
  • Treasures from the Deep: Raw Materials from the Sea - Future or Science Fiction? R.Zitoun. 28/4/2022. Festival of Sciences - Ocean Science Show, Kiel, Germany

Lectures & Summer Schools:

  • iMAGE CREATE – GEOMAR Seafloor Mapping School (SEA-EU integrated course, 5 ECTS), October 17th-28th, 2022 (virtual)
  • Marine Mineral Resources (MSc Marine Geosciences, CAU Kiel), Lecture, 2 SWS, next date: WS 2021/22
  • Geodynamics & Ore Deposits (MSc Marine Geosciences, CAU Kiel), Practical, 1 SWS, next date: WS 2021/22


Recent Publications

(Peer-reviewed, MMR (co-)author)


  • Adam-Beyer, N., Laufer-Meiser, K., Fuchs, S., Schippers, A., Indenbirken, D., Petersen, S., and Perner, M. (2023) Microbial ecosystem assessment and hydrogen oxidation potential of newly discovered vent systems from the Central and South-East Indian Ridge. Frontiers in Microbiology 14: 1173613. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2023.1173613
  • Guo, Z., Rüpke, L., Petersen, S., German, C.R., Ildefonse, B., Hasenclever, J., Bialas, J., and Chunhui, T. (2023) Detachment-parallel recharge explains high discharge fluxes at the TAG hydrothermal field. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 617: 118245, doi: 10.1016/j.epsl.2023.118245
  • Dura, A., Nomikou, P., Mertzimekis, T.J., Hannington, M.D., Petersen, S., and Poulos, S. (2023) Identifying probable submarine hydrothermal spots in north Santorini caldera using the generalized moments method. Geosciences 13: 269; doi: 10.3390/geosciences13090269(Open Access)
  • Hannington, M., Petersen, S., and Jamieson, J. (2023) Another look at marine minerals. SEG Discovery 134: 19-30. doi: 10.5382/SEGnews.2023-134.fea-01
  • Young, T., Gale, S. L., Ragg, N. L. C., Sander, S. G., Burritt, D. J., Benedict, B., Le, D. V., Villas-Bôas, S. G. and Alfaro, A. C. (2023) Metabolic regulation of copper toxicity during marine mussel embryogenesis. Metabolites 13 (7): 838, doi:10.3390/metabo13070838(Open Access)
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  • Martin, A.J., Jamieson, J.W., de Ronde, C.E.J., Layne, G.D., Piercey, G. & Brandl, P.A. (2023): Constraining temporal variations in metal and sulfur sources using high‑resolution mineral‑scale analysis of pyrite: evidence from the Brothers volcano, Kermadec arc, New Zealand. Mineralium Deposita (published online). doi:10.1007/s00126-023-01177-9.
  • Jegen, A., Dannowski, A., Schnabel, M., Barckhausen, U., Brandl, P.A., Riedel, M., Beniest, A., Heyde, I., Hannington, M.D., Sandhu, A., Werner, R. & Kopp, H. (2023): Extension dynamics of the northern Fonualei Rift and Spreading Center and the southern Mangatolu Triple Junction in the Lau Basin at 16°S. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 24, e2022GC010550. doi:10.1029/2022GC010550 (Open Access)
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The full list of MMR publications can be found here.