Work Packages

WP1 - Optimization of the cultivation of macroalgae on artificial hard substrates suitable for outdoor culture,

WP2 - Development of suitable materials and techniques for bladderwrack field culture (carrier units, substrates, growth and harvesting rhythms),

WP3 - Qualitative and quantitative assessment of the ecosystem services of bladderwrack outdoor cultures (nutrient depletion, oxygen production, reduction of ocean acidification through carbon dioxide uptake, biomass production, increase in biodiversity, etc.),

WP4 - Development of land-based applications for the harvested bladderwrack biomass as natural fertilizer, raw material for biogas production or valuable material for cosmetics,

WP5 - Balancing of environmental benefits, costs, funding opportunities, market appropriation;

Coordination & Funding


Prof. Dr. Ulf Karsten, Uni Rostock

Prof. Dr. Martin Wahl, GEOMAR Kiel



Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt DBU