Dr. Daniel Méndez Rodríguez


Forschungsbereich 3: Marine Ökologie
FE Marine Naturstoffchemie

ENB, Raum: 2.425
Tel.: +49 431 600-4440
E-Mail: dmendez(at)geomar.de

Wischhofstraße 1-3
24148 Kiel


Research interests:

Natural products chemistry and metabolomics, mainly on fractionation, isolation and structure elucidation of secondary metabolites via LC-MS, untargeted metabolomics and molecular networking.

Academic positions:

PhD in Sciences: Biology, Hasselt University, Belgium (2022)

PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Antwerp, Belgium (2022)

PhD in Health Sciences, Universidad de Oriente, Cuba (2022)

MSc in Biotechnology, Universidad de Oriente, Cuba (2019)

BSc in Chemistry, Universidad de La Habana, Cuba (2016)


Postdoctoral researcher at GEOMAR Kiel since June 2023.



Pérez-Gómez L, Pérez-Martínez AT, Matheeussen A, Pieters L, Mendez D, Quirós-Molina Y, Trujillo R, Tuenter E, Cos P. Phytochemical characterization and antifungal potential of leaf extracts of Mosiera bullata. Natural Product Research. 2023; 1-10. doi.org/10.1080/14786419.2023.2244132

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Molina Bertrán SdC, Monzote L, Cappoen D, Escalona Arranz JC, Gordillo Pérez MJ, RodríguezFerreiro AO, Chill Nuñez I, Novo CP, Méndez D, Cos P, Llauradó Maury G. Inhibition of Bacterial Adhesion and Biofilm Formation by Seed-Derived Ethanol Extracts from Persea americana Mill. Molecules. 2022; 27(15):5009. doi.org/10.3390/molecules27155009

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