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Since 2012 PhD student in the HOSST graduate school

The tectonic and volcanological control of hot-springs location in the North Atlantic

2010 - 2012 M.Sc. Marine Geology, University of Gdansk

2007 - 2010 B.Sc. Oceanography, University of Gdansk

Research intrests

  • Hydrothermal activity along the slow-spreading ridges
  • Volcano-tectonic controls of seafloor venting
  • Low-temperature hydrothermal systems
  • Off-axis processes on the seafloor
  • Hot-spot/mid-ocean ridge interaction
  • Seafloor mapping


Pałgan D., Devey C. W., and Yeo, I. A., 2016, Dike control of hydrothermal circulation in the Tertiary Icelandic crust and implications for cooling of the seafloor, J. Volcanol.  Geotherm. Res., 316, 22-33, 


Palgan D., Devey C. W., and Yeo I. A. (2015) Hydrothermal activity in Tertiary Icelandic crust: Implications for cooling processes along slow-spreading mid-ocean ridges [Poster] In: AGU Fall Meeting 2016, 14-18.12.2015, San Francisco, USA (OS43A-2010) 

Palgan D., Jamieson J. W., Breusing C. and Devey C. W., (2015) Role of Hydrothermal systems in Development of the Oceans. Where to find them on the seafloor? [Poster] In: Sustainable Ocean Development Symposium, 28-30.09.2015, New York, USA

Palgan D., Devey C. W. (2015) Dike controlled low-temperature hydrothermal activity in far off-axis regions of NW Iceland [PICO] In: EGU General Assembly 2015, 12-17.04.2015, Vienna, Austria, (EGU2015-1374)

Palgan D., Devey C. W. and Louden K. (2015) Iceland – on shore reflection of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Can Iceland help us locate new hydrothermal fields? [Invited talk] In: PhD Student Conference 2015 at Institut de Physique du
Globe de Paris, 23–27.03.2015, Paris, France

Scientific Expeditions

2014/2015 German R/V Sonne (SO237)

     Vema-TRANSIT (14.12.2014-26.01.2015)

2014 2nd Field Trip to Iceland, Dyke contolled Hydrothermal Activity in Westfjords 

(NW Iceland), 17.08-01.09.2014

2013 1st Field Trip to Iceland, Hydrothermal Activity in off-axis Iceland, 15.08-16.09.2013

2013  German R/V Maria S. Merian (MSM25)

         Ocean ridges as a sites of mixing and exchange:

         The Mid-Atlantic Ridge 13-33°S  (24 Jan-05 March)