FB3 Seminars

FB3 Marine Ecology Seminar

Location: 5-1.214 - Large glass Konferenzraum

Time:   Thursdays 1:15 pm

Contact: Reid Brennan: rbrennan@geomar.de


November 2, 2023

Karina Zitta

Crinoid arm regrowth to improve regenerative repair in mammals


In person

1:15 p.m

November 9, 2023

Darrin Schultz

Ctenophores phylogenomics

University of Vienna

In person

1:15 p.m

November 16, 2023

Hagen Buck Meadow

Pathways of carbon sequestration by marine carbohydrates

MPI Bremen


4:00 p.m

November 23, 2023

Sean Ehlman

Developmental plasticity of behavior

Humboldt University of Berlin

In person

1:15 p.m

November 30, 2023

Easton White

Extreme events and marine ecosystems

University of New Hampshire


1:15 p.m

December 7, 2023

Philip Held



In person

1:15 p.m

Holiday break






January 11, 2024

Katie Lotterhos

evolution, adaptation, genomics

Northeastern University


TBD afternoon

January 18, 2024

Alice Dennis

Ecophysiology and geographic range in the snail Melampus

University of Namur

In person

1:15 p.m

January 25, 2024

Rebekah Oomen

genomic prediction of resilience, adaptation

University of New Brunswick

In person

1:15 p.m

February 1, 2024






February 8, 2024

Fabrice Teletchea

fish ecology

University of Lorraine

In person