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Why males and females exist and how sex roles have evolved belong to the most controversial issues in evolutionary biology. We examine the evolution of male pregnancy in pipefishes and seahorses (syngnathids) by addressing its genetic basis and the modulations of the immune system. Insights into joint and distinct loss or recruitment of genes along with the establishment of novel genes for male vs. female pregnancy, will help to unravel convergent evolution of parental investment and pregnancy.



Convergent evolution of immunological tolerance in female and male pregnancy DFG Project - PI: Dr. Olivia Roth

Implications of anthropogenic stressors on rapid coadaptation in a tripartite species interaction DFG Priority Programme - Rapid evolutionary Adaptation - Phase I- PI: Dr. Carolin Wendling, Co-PI: Dr. Olivia Roth

Unravelling tripartite species co-evolution under environmental change: can prophages accelerate bacterial virulence evolution DFG Priority Programme - Rapid evolutionary Adaptation - Phase II - PI: Dr. Olivia Roth & Dr. Carolin Wendling

MALEPREG: Male pregnancy - unravelling the coevolution of parental Investment and immune defence ERC Starting Grant - PI: Dr. Olivia Roth


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