Mikrobielle Ozeanographie & Biogeochemie (MOBi)

Dr. Kristin Bergauer

Junior Gruppenleiter am Helmholtz-Zentrum für Ozeanforschung Kiel

RD3: Marine Ökologie

FB: Ökosystembiologie des Ozeans


Raum: 1.429
Tel: +49 431 600-4404
E-Mail: kbergauer(at)geomar.de

GEOMAR | Helmholtz-Zentrum für Ozeanforschung Kiel
Wischhofstrasse 1-3, 
24148 Kiel, Germany


  • Marine mikrobielle Ökologie & Biochemie
  • Ökologie der Archaeen
  • Tiefsee Biologie | Pelagische Kreisläufe
  • Nährstoff-Zyklen
  • Das marine Metabolom (Genom, Transkriptom, Proteom)
  • Vitamine | mikrobielle Interaktionen


Bergauer Lab

Aktuelle Projekte (siehe englische Seite)


  • 2010 - 2018: Ph.D in Bio-Oceanography, Department of Limnology & Bio-Oceanogrpahy, University of Vienna, Austria "Hetero and chemoautotrophic substrate utilisation in marine prokaryotic communities" Mentor: Dr. Gerhard J. Herndl
  • 2006 - 2008: M.Sc. of Microbial Ecology, University of Vienna, Austria
    "Diversity and mode of transmission of Nitrospira in marine sponges"
    Mentors: Prof. Mag. Dr. Michael Wagner & Dr. Mike Taylor (University of Aukland, New Zealand)

Beruflicher Werdegang


  • 09/2022 – present      Junior research group leader at the Ocean EcoSystems Biology Unit, RD3 | GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany.

  • 01/2019 – 09/2022     Post-doctoral researcher at the Ocean EcoSystems Biology Unit, RD3 | GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany. Advisor: Prof. Alexandra Z. Worden
  • 01/2018 – 12/2018     Post-doctoral researcher, at the Microbial ecology research group of Alexandra Z. Worden, at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), California, USA 



  • Tiefsee Mikrobiologie
  • Marine Archaeen
  • Multi-omics' Technologien in der mikrobiellen Ozeanographie


Work days at sea (as of July 2023): ~170.

  1. RV Atlantic Explorer | Bermuda; BIOS-SCOPE Forschungsprogramm. (5 Tage) July 2023.
  2. RV Alkor Baltic Sea; AL594. (8 Tage) April 2023.
  3. RV Littorina | Baltic Sea (1 Tag) September 2022.
  4. RV Atlantic Explorer | Bermuda; BIOS-SCOPE Forschungsprogramm. (5 Tage) July 2022.
  5. RV Western Flyer Co-Chief Scientist East Pacific; ROV deployment, (10 Tage) September 2019. DVM19
  6. RV Atlantic Explorer | Bermuda; BIOS-SCOPE Forschungsprogramm. (5 Tage) July 2019.
  7. RV Western Flyer | Co-Chief Scientist East Pacific; ROV deployment, (5 Tage) April 2019. MMV19
  8. RV Atlantic Explorer | Bermuda; BIOS-SCOPE Forschungsprogramm. 5 Tage) July 2018.
  9. RV Western Flyer East Pacific; ROV deployment, (4 Tage) 2018. FSEL
  10. RV Western Flyer | ​​​​​​​East Pacific; ROV deployment, (10 Tage) 2018. DSEL
  11. RV Melville ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Gulf of Alaska, Deep Ocean Refractory Carbon (DORC), SCRIPPS Institution of Oceanography, in the (PI D. Hansell). (3 Wochen) August 2013.
  12. RV Pelagia | ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​North Atlantic gyre (PI G.J. Herndl), (4 Wochen) 2012.
  13. RV James Cook | ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Dutch Geotraces West Atlantic cruise (PI M. Rijkenberg, NIOZ), (6 Wochen)  2011.
  14. RV Pelagia | ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​North Atlantic gyre (PI G.J. Herndl), (4 Wochen) 2010.
  15. RV Kilo Moana | ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Summer course on microbial oceanography (C-MORE at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa (UHM), (1 Woche) 2010.



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