03.12.2012: FB1-Seminar

Prof. Dr. Dirk Olbers, AWI, Bremerhaven: "An energetically closed model for the wave-induced diapycnal diffusivity"

11:00 h, Hörsaal (West)


An energetically consistent model for the diapycnal diffusivity induced by breaking of internal gravity waves, is proposed and tested in local and global settings. The model (IDEMIX; Internal wave Dissipation, Energy and MIXing) is based on the spectral radiation balance of the wave field, reduced by integration over the wavenumber space, which yields a set of balances for energy density variables in physical space. A further simplification results in a single partial differential equation for the total energy density of the wave field. The flux of energy to high vertical wavenumbers is parameterized by a functional derived from the wave-wave scattering integral of resonant wave triad interactions, which also forms the basis for estimates of dissipation rates and related diffusivities of ADCP and hydrography fine structure data. The current version is forced by wind-driven near-inertial motions and baroclinic tides, radiating waves from the respective boundary layers at the surface and the bottom into the ocean interior. The model predicts magnitudes and three-dimensional structures of internal wave energy, dissipation rates and diapycnal diffusivities in agreement to observations. IDEMIX is ready for use as a mixing module in ocean circulation models.